Bonneau – Caprice en forme de Valse

Eugène Bourdeau (1850-1925) was a great bassoonist who came from a family of prize-winning bassoonists.  He would eventually become the bassoon professor at the Paris Conservatoire and the first bassoonist of the Opera-Comique.  He is most known for his composition, Premier Solo, which has become a staple of the standard bassoon repertoire ever since it was used as the Solo de Concours for the Paris Conservatoire in 1894. From a solo bassoon recital in Toronto, ON, I am joined alongside pianist, Rachael Kerr, playing Romance.

Originally written for saxophone in 1950, French composer Paul Bonneau’s Caprice en forme de Valse was particularly acclaimed for having no accompaniment, containing French and jazzy characteristics. This piece transcribes wonderfully on the bassoon.

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